Friday, July 9, 2010

different everyday

I met with an old friend named Karen before proceeding to school. I did a few stuffs earlier though, making some big steps toward my future. I am not new into blogging, this is my second account actually but the thought of opening the first one surely would only remind me of terrible things in the past. I am, of course, referring to a person who introduced me to the blogging world, his name is Jenny Arvyn.

I do the same stuffs everyday. I go to school, I do home works, I do some house chores, I baby sit, I walk, I eat, I laugh, I sleep. I live my very beautiful life. What makes my life different everyday is how I choose to live it. There are times that I live it with boisterous laughter, sometimes I live with crystal waters in my eyes. People call it tears but for me it's more than just that. I make poems, I tell stories to my friends, I lie to my mother, I have persons to call my beau, I am miserably happy.

I want to be different everyday even though I sometimes do not know how to. Maybe if I'll be in Africa I can change my life everyday having to experience winter, summer, rain and fall in a day.
I live, I love. I cry a lot, I laugh more. I pray and meditate. I care about my friends but never will I care about other people.

Everyday, I travel by the LRTA. I make it different everyday by simply looking for people I've known in my past..who knows, they can play a huge part in my future.

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