Thursday, August 12, 2010

l'altro lato del mio mondo

After a few weeks of not opening this account, I am forced to write again. Today had made my a difference regarding "my blogging" for I ain't writing because I want to but because I have to. Nah! It is not necessary fr me to write an entry though, but as I was tasked to do the reporting later on in front of my block mates I think I must make it necessary to have something new to show them tonight.

Well, as for my title, many of you might not be able to understand what it is about, but I know it will catch your attention. I ain't got followers yet, and I don't really follow other blogs as well but I'll get there as soon as my good fortune allows me. I need to have a say about schooling, about how busy we are in school right now, and how we all look forward for our college week particularly the Sikat Awards.

I got tired of writing how bitter I was, stating what I lost. I'm sick of seeing myself telling the world that I wanted to get back at the guy who broke my heart. Thinking about revenges took a lot of energy out of me. You see, even I got tired of my solitary self saying stupid things, how much more is the world? That's why I chose to enter here the other side of my world, that's exactly the title is all about. I am here today to tell you my side not as a mother nor a lover but as a student. School is the other side of my world where I see hopes, where my dreams are starting to come true.

If you will take a look at me and my class mates, we are tiring enough to even look at, our heads had been buried under piles and piles of paper works and reviewers. As a matter of fact, I can already hear some of my friends saying that she would break down in any minute. As what I've told you above, I am doing this for the sake of our report in On-line Writing, I still need to study how Twitter works as a social networking site; I also have to do my part on our research that is to be submitted tomorrow and on Monday, a day before we could somehow relax, will be our Midterm examination on Communication Theories.

Seeing this other side of my life, you can tell that being s student isn't just about having fun but about working hard and making sacrifices too. It's not easy for any of us but having friendship along with us simply helps us to survive and say "kaya ko to!"